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We began our AWANA program about 5 years ago. We started off with about 6  children and now average over 80 children that attend our church for AWANA each Wednesday. So what is AWANA? It is a program that helps children from ages 3-17 learn more about God and His Word. There are 5 school grade groups that make up AWANA. The five groups are: Cubbies (3-Pre-K), Sparks (Kindergarden - 2nd grade), TnT (3-5th grade), TREK (middle school) and Truth Trackers (high school). 

AWANA follows the school calendar. We meet for AWANA every Wednesday from 6-7:30 p.m. 

We currently have 3 vans that run different routes to pick up and drop off children whose parents do not have the means to do so. 

Every Wednesday each group meets together for prayer, eats a small meal, and works on their designated Bible study. We also allow some time to play some games. 

Current AWANA leaders:
        AWANA Administrators: Bryan and Krista Grigg
        Food Administrator: Kanda Barnes 
        Attendance Coordinator: Amy Lady
        Recreation: Emily Breedlove
Last update on July 18, 2014
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Other Important Information
Sunday School
At Macedonia we have Sunday School for all age groups. Sunday School starts at 10 a.m. and each class is learning and studying different parts of the Bible. Here is a list of all classes available and their current teachers:

Senior Men's Class: Is held in the first room on the side of the organ. It is taught by Mr. Junior Yates.

Senior Women's Class: This class is held across from our copy room. It is lead by Mrs. Marlene Peek.

Sonshine Women's Class: This class is for women with older children. Most are grandmothers and are enjoying a different season in their lives. This class meets at the end of the hallway on the piano side. This class is lead by Mrs. Sandy Engler. Currently they are studying the Bible using the book "Follow Me" by David Platt.

Men's Class: This class has an eclectic group of men! The meet downstairs in the fellowship hall near the kitchen. This class is lead by Mr. Kayl Kite. Currently they are studying the Bible using the book "Kingdom Man" by Dr. Tony Evans.  

Titus Two Women's Class: This class is for younger women in college, just married, with small children or all three!! They meet in the new building in the parking lot. This class is lead by Mrs. Krista Grigg and currently they are starting a new Bible study named "Restless" by Jennie Allen. 

Teens: This class is for middle and high school students. They meet in the new building in the parking lot. This class is lead by Mr. Nathan Tobey and currently they are studying "Bible Studies for Life". 

3-5th Grade: This class meets downstairs in the fellowship hall and is lead by Mrs. Anna Tobey. Currently they are studying the Kings of Israel.  

Elementary: This class meets in the first class on the piano side. It is taught by Mr. and Mrs. Childress.

Gospel To Willy Wood, Guatemala
Our church left for Guatemala for the very first time in June and we are pleased to say that we have fallen in love with the people there. The main purpose for this mission trip was to spread the Gospel by going door to door and by teaming up with a local baptist pastor and his church to help with VBS. As we spent more time there we noticed many needs and many ways we could help the people of Willy Wood. Alongside the local pastor we hope to continually help the town of Willy Wood by planting a church, provide spiritual and physical needs, and grow in fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

More information regarding this ministry to come . . . . . . .